FanGraphs+ Player-Profile Game: Question #1

Play the player-profile game every day this week at 1:00pm ET. We’re giving away a free annual subscription to FanGraphs+ to the first reader who guesses correctly the identity of that day’s mystery player. (Limit one copy per customer).

As the absurdly coiffed Eno Sarris announced this morning, the newest iteration of FanGraphs+ is now available in exchange for your hard-earned money — and any other kind of money, too.

As in recent years, we’re celebrating this important Moment in History by way of the player-profile game.

Said game is easy: the author offers the text of an actual player profile from the newest iteration of FG+, being careful to omit any proper names that might reveal the identity of the player in question. The reader, in turn, attempts to identify the player using only the details provided in the profile.

First reader to guess correctly (in the comments section below) gets a free annual subscription to FanGraphs+, worth roughly the equivalent of Alec Baldwin’s watch in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Today’s entry comes to us courtesy Mike Petriello.

Who is it?

There was a time, back when he was hitting 27 homers and using his plus defense to stick in the lineup, that [BLANK] might have been useful in fantasy baseball, if you squinted hard enough to look past his batting average. That time is long past, especially now that [BLANK] hit just .181/.204/.238 in his age-36 season before being cut loose by [BLANK’S TEAM] in July. That line is actually just .204/.261/.321 over the last three seasons combined, so it seems likely that this is the end of the road. So long, [BLANK]. We’ll always remember you for somehow spinning a .301 weighted on-base average into a 13-year career.

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John Choiniere
John Choiniere

Neil Walker

John Choiniere
John Choiniere

This is an embarrassing guess. I blame my enthusiasm for FG+ for not clicking through, and just trusting google search result summaries.