In-Season ZiPS WAR

WAR is now available for in-season ZiPS! This goes for both the “rest-of-season” projection (ZiPS R) and the updated full-season projection (ZiPS U).

These are of course made possible by Dan Szymborski and the projections he provided in the 2012 ZiPS Projections, Final Edition.

These are now available in both the projections pages and the player pages.

Please note the following:

– There is no base-running component factored into the in-season ZiPS WAR projections.

– Original ZiPS fielding projections have been regressed by 22%.

– These are park adjusted.

– These are currently only available for position players, we may add pitchers later.

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Alvaro Andrés Pizza Varela

Interesting. The Rays project as the team with the most combined WAR from position players with 1/5 of the Yankees payroll. Amazing.


Is it broken down by team somewhere, or did you calculate that yourself?

Alvaro Andrés Pizza Varela

I calculated it myself.