New York Mets: Draft Review

General Manager: Omar Minaya
Scouting Director: Rudy Terrasas

2006-2009 Draft Results:
First three rounds included
x- over-draft signees ($200,000 or more)

2009 1st Round: None
2. Steve Matz, LHP, NY HS
3. Robbie Shields, SS, Florida Southern
x- Zach Dotson, LHP, Georgia HS

Matz failed to appear in a pro game after signing… He should begin 2010 in extended spring training, although the organization is known for challenging its prospects. Dotson did not play after signing, either. Shields had a poor offensive debut after a bit of a rough junior year of college. The shortstop hit just .178/.273/.267 in 146 short-season at-bats. He struck out too much (21.9%) for a player with limited power output (.089 ISO). It’s also expected that Shields will eventually move away from shortstop, possibly to second base. This certainly was not the most inspired draft of ’09… much like the club’s other recent drafts – with ’08 as the possible exception.

2008 1st Round: Ike Davis, OF, Arizona State
1. Reese Havens, IF, South Carolina
1S. Brad Holt, RHP, UNC Wilmington
2. Javier Rodriguez, OF, Puerto Rico HS
3. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF, California NAIA

This draft is about as good as it gets for Mets fans… especially if you look back over the past few years. Davis took a little bit of time to get going in pro ball, but he’s firmly on the Top 10 list this season (due to post on the site tomorrow), along with supplemental first rounder Holt, and third-rounder Nieuwenhuis.

Havens’ first full season was a disappointment and he suffered from a weak BABIP of .275. Overall, he hit .247/.361/.422 in 360 at-bats. On the plus side, he has shown some power with an ISO of .175 and a willingness to take a walk (13.3% walk rate). Havens also needs to find a position on the field. Rodriguez has proven to be quite raw. He hit .230/.285/.338 in his second go-around at rookie ball. The outfielder also posted a strikeout rate of 28.1%, which is not justifiable with an ISO of just .108. It would also be nice to see him attempt more than three steals.

Keep an eye on pitchers Scott Shaw (13th round) and Kyle Allen (24th round).

2007 1st Round: None
1S. Eddie Kunz, RHP, Oregon State
1S. Nathan Vineyard, LHP, Georgia HS
2. Scott Moviel, RHP, Ohio HS
2. Brant Rustich, RHP, UCLA
3. Eric Niesen, LHP, Wake Forest
3. Stephen Clyne, RHP, Clemson

The club lacked a first-round selection and it nabbed Kunz, who was supposed to be almost MLB-ready. Unfortunately, he’s had a rough time in pro ball and he posted a 5.53 FIP in triple-A in ’09, while also posting a poor strikeout rate (5.61 K/9) and a high walk rate (4.57 BB/9). Vineyard has battled injuries and has appeared in just 11 games in three seasons. Rustich has also had injury problems, but he’s been on the field more than Vineyard, and he’s also shown quite a bit of potential – 2.47 FIP, 8.69 K/9 rate in 47.2 high-A innings in ’09.

Moviel has shown flashes of potential and he reached high-A in ’09 where he allowed 61 hits in 64.1 innings of work and posted a strikeout rate of 6.44 K/9. He’s shown good control for a young player that stands 6’11”. Niesen reached double-A in ’09, after beginning the year in high-A, but his control suffered and his walk rate rose to 4.45 BB/9. His strikeout rate also jumped, though, to 9.22 K/9. Clyne wasn’t so luck in his jump to double-A in ’09. After posting a 3.09 FIP in the high-A bullpen, it jumped to 4.58 in double-A and his walk rate rose from 4.33 to 6.35 BB/9.

Keep an eye on sleeper prospect and third baseman Zach Lutz. He spent much of the year in high-A and hit .284/.381/.441 with a .157 ISO in 356 at-bats. Right-hander Dillon Gee (21st round) showed a lot of potential and reached triple-A in ’09 but he hurt his shoulder and missed most of this past season.

2006 1st Round: None
2. Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova
3. Joe Smith, RHP, Wright State

Mulvey was used as a trading chip in the Johan Santana deal, and he was later flipped from Minnesota to Arizona. Smith spent some time in the Mets’ bullpen before getting dealt to Cleveland in the three-team J.J. Putz deal. Daniel Murphy was a nice acquisition in the 13th round, as his versatility has been of value to the Mets.

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The Mets refusal to go over slot has cost them many a time but most recentely when they passed up on Porcello in ’07. The ’08 draft looks to be the best draft for the Mets in Godf knows how long. The ’05 draft wasn’t bad with Pelfrey and Parnell.

Manic McReynolds
Manic McReynolds

Niese also came in 2005, 7th round.


The Mets never passed on Porcello…their first pick came after Detroit took him off the board.