Offseason Notes for October 11th

A big part of Mark Reynolds’ low contact rate is probably from how he holds the wrong end of the bat.

This edition of Offseason Notes contains the following:

1. Arizona Fall League Action
2. Three True Outcome Leader- and Laggardboards for 2011
3. Mexican Winter League Rosters, Sorted by Parent Club

Arizona Fall League
Arizona Fall League Action
This is the time in the show when we look at Arizona Fall League action.

Notable Performances
Here are some notable performances from Monday’s AFL games:

• Ranger prospect Mike Olt, who hit two home runs in a single game last week, did that same thing again yesterday. If my calculations are correct — and they’re frequently not — but if they are, Olt now has four homers and five strikeouts in 20 plate appearances. And two walks, also. Which, that means 55% of his plate appearances have ended in one of the three true outcomes. For comparison’s sake, this year’s Three True Outcome leader was… uh, actually I don’t know.
• Wait a second, I’m gonna make a Three True Outcome leader- and laggardboard.
• Okay, I did that.

Leaderboard: Three True Outcomes
Three True Outcome Leaderboard
Here are the Three True Outcome leaders among 2011’s qualified hitters:

Three True Outcome Laggardboard
Here are the Three True Outcome laggards among same:

Regarding wRC+ and Those Leaderboards
Here’s the average wRC+ among the top-10 laggards: 89.

Regarding wRC+ and Those Leaderboards, Part II
Here’s the average wRC+ among the top-10 leaders: 130.

A Fact
All things being equal, it’s probably better for a player, offensively speaking, to skew towards the top of the TTO leaderboard.

Another Country Heard From: Mexican Winter League
Important Information
Bearded Greek-American* Harry Pavlidis reminded the world via Twitter yesternight that various other winter leagues are beginning soon.

*Redundant, yes.

Important Information, Part II
Here’s the aforementioned Tweet, complete with Important Information™:

Important Information, Part III
As a service to the Republic, the present author presents the following — a list of all the affiliated ballplayers in the Mexican Pacific League, sorted by parent club and then birth date.

First, here are the MPL teams and their abbreviations:

AGU: Águilas de Mexicali
ALG: Algodoneros de Guasave
CAN: Cañeros de Los Mochis
MAY: Mayos de Navojoa
NAR: Naranjeros de Hermosillo
TOM: Tomateros de Culiacán
VEN: Venados de Mazatlán
YAQ: Yaquis de Obregón

Second — and last — here are those players:

Jesus Loya OF 19920615 NAR BOS
Sergio Burruel C 19910722 NAR CHC
Oswaldo Martinez P 19880925 YAQ CHC
Hung-Wen Chen P 19860203 VEN CHC
Blake Parker P 19850619 NAR CHC
James Avery P 19840610 ALG CIN
Jason Rice P 19860513 NAR CLE
Alejandro Barraza P 19901025 CAN COL
Garrett Parcell P 19840712 ALG FLA
Luis Durango LF 19860423 YAQ HOU
Federico Castaneda P 19840126 TOM KC
Ricky Alvarez OF 19890207 AGU LAA
Andrew Romine 3B 19851224 VEN LAA
Francisco Rodriguez P 19830226 CAN LAA
Gil Velazquez SS 19791017 AGU LAA
Juan Noriega P 19900903 CAN LAD
Carlos Vazquez P 19910903 VEN NYM
Juan Gamboa SS 19910418 CAN NYM
Marcos Camarena P 19900908 TOM NYM
Pat Venditte P 19850630 AGU NYY
Jorge Vazquez 1B 19820315 TOM NYY
Andres Avila P 19900620 CAN OAK
Carlos Hernandez P 19870304 TOM OAK
Jermaine Mitchell OF 19841102 NAR OAK
Adam Rosales 2B 19830520 AGU OAK
Fabian Cota P 19920413 CAN PHI
Sebastian Valle C 19900724 CAN PHI
Rogelios Noris LF 19890312 VEN PIT
Ali Solis C 19870929 TOM SD
Carlos Sosa OF 19830519 MAY SD
Jermaine Curtis 2B 19870710 CAN STL
Jose Felix C 19880628 ALG TEX
Luis Cruz SS 19840210 TOM TEX
Val Majewski RF 19810619 NAR TEX
Rey Gonzalez P 19851101 ALG TOR
Patrick McCoy P 19880803 VEN WSH
Zech Zinicola P 19850302 NAR WSH

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