One Night Only: Hot Game Previews for June 13th

Padre Anthony Bass makes his major-league debut tonight.

This edition of One Night Only contains:

1. A serious-serious preview of tonight’s game between San Diego and Colorado.

2. Brief, but scintillating, previews of Arizona at Florida and Atlanta at Houston

3. Pitcher and Team NERD scores for every one of tonight’s games.

San Diego (5) at Colorado (7) | 20:40 ET
Starting Pitchers
Padres: Anthony Bass (N/A)
63.2 IP, 8.48 K/9, 2.40 BB/9, 0.85 HR/9, 3.34 FIP

Rockies: Aaron Cook (N/A)
5.2 IP, 25 TBF, 4 K, 4 BB, 7 GB on 16 batted-balls (43.8% GB)

The Thing About This Game
The thing about this game is that it represents the major-league debut of right-hander Anthony Bass.

What Baseball America Said About Bass
They ranked him 22nd in the Padre organization (in their Prospect Handbook, that is) and said he’s got pretty excellent velo and pretty excellent command, but that his secondary stuff “gets mixed reviews.”

What John Sickels Said About Bass
He gave him (i.e. Bass) a grade of C, said none of his pitches are outstanding, but that his (i.e. Bass’s) delivery helps his stuff “play up,” on account of deception and whatnot.

What Famous Chef Julia Child Said About Bass
For a cool and delicious summer meal, serve it either hot or cold with cucumber sauce.

Why I Said “Velo” Up There Instead of Just “Velocity”
To save time.

What I’m Going to Do with My Extra Time
Use it to play Legos, probably.

What This Preview Is Missing So Far
A Charlie Blackmon Watch.

Charlie Blackmon Watch: 23 PA, .217/.217/.217 (.238 BABIP), .217 wOBA, 20 wRC+.

Who You Shouldn’t Listen To, Re: Blackmon
Mr. Stupid Pants over here.

Two Other Games
Arizona (10) at Florida (5) | 19:10 ET
In a vacuum this game is interesting, what with Ricky Nolasco (8) pitching, and all the young D-Backs and Marlins, but it’s hard to watch games at Sun Life Stadium, is another thing.

Atlanta (7) at Houston (5) | 20:05 ET
At the risk of shocking you to your soul, allow me to announce that, somehow, the Astros have a league-average offense.

Also Playing
These games are very likely playing at some kind of sporty channel near you. (Pitching probables and game times from

pNERD = Pitcher NERD
Game = Time and Average NERD for Game
* = Fewer than 20 IP, NERD of 5 (or 10 for debuts)

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