PITCHf/x Player Pages Update

In the player pages you’ll now find some new PITCHf/x sections that display data for pitch type, velocity, pitch values and plate discipline.

These are now there in addition to the BIS data that has always appeared in the player pages. If a section is not labeled PITCHf/x, it is Baseball Info Solutions data.

For plate-discipline stats, we’re using Mike Fast’s definition of the strike zone.

The pitch type abbreviations are as follows:

FA – Fastball (includes FF classification)
FT – 2-seam Fastball
FC – Cut Fastball
FS – Split-fingered Fastball
FO – Forkball
SI – Sinker
SL – Slider
CU – Curveball
KC – Knuckle Curve
EP – Ephuus
CH – Changeup
SC – Screwball
KN – Knuckleball
UN – Unknown

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