The 2013 Angels In a Nutshell

8th inning, Angels lead the White Sox 4-2. Dane de la Rosa starts the inning.

Alejandro de Aza singles.
Alexei Ramirez singles.
Alex Rios strikes out.
Alejandro de Aza scores on a wild pitch.
Adam Dunn singles, Alexei Ramirez scores.

At this point, de la Rosa has lost the lead, and is pulled before the White Sox can do any further damage. Taking the hill is Michael Kohn, who has been among the Angels best bullpen arms so far this season.

Paul Konerko grounds out.
Conor Gillaspie walks.
Dayan Viciedo walks.

At this point, the bases are now loaded. The score is tied at 4-4. Jeff Keppinger is due to hit for the White Sox. Jeff Keppinger entered the day with a .185 batting average and a .182 on base percentage. His BA was higher than his OBP because, through 137 plate appearances, he had two sacrifice flies (which don’t count against your BA but do count against your OBP) and he had not yet drawn a walk. He didn’t walk in his first three trips to the plate either, so Keppinger was up to 140 plate walkless appearances to begin the season.

Bases loaded. Tie game. The batter at the plate has not drawn a walk all season.


Jeff Keppinger walks. White Sox 5, Angels 4.

Ladies and gentleman, the 2013 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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