Wanted: Ubaldo Jimenez Community Analysis

We realize the post: Ubaldo’s Unimpressive Start, caused a bit of a stir in the comments section with many people agreeing and disagreeing to various degrees.

Because of the strong opinions on both sides of the argument, we’d like to invite those with particularly strong thoughts and analysis on Ubaldo Jimenez’s continued success to submit posts to our community blog.

We will publish the two most well thought out and detailed posts on the agreeing side and the disagreeing side in our Community Blog as well as our homepage, as long as we receive submissions that are up to the high Community Blog standards.

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I have nothing to really offer for an article but I did some quick research on something that intrigued me. Check out a comparison between Ubaldo and Pedro 2000 in their first fourteen starts:


1.15 ERA
1.00 WHIP
2.43 K/BB
7.8 K/9


1.55 ERA
0.78 WHIP
7.05 K/BB
11.9 K/9