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2B Keeper Rankings: 2nd Tier

After looking at the top tier of 2B, I will move onto the 2nd tier. The top 3 are much better than these 4 players, but the drop off after these three is much smaller.

I am basing the list heavily off of the talent ranking I did recently. As a general rule, the ranking did not like younger players with little MLB experience.

Michael Young (35 years old) – Man, what to think of him. He seems to have been around forever. He has found a way to continue putting out good stats late in his career.

When healthy, which is most time, he plays and puts up decent stats. He is a career 0.300 hitter. He gets plenty of Run and RBI chances being in the Ranger’s line up. Also, he looks to be qualified at 1B, 2B and 3B for 2011. He is a great player to sub in if anyone else is hurt on a team or has a day off.

The biggest concern I have for him going into 2012 is his power. His HRs went from 22 and 21 in 2009 and 2010 to 11 last season. Also his HR/FB% has been cut in half (14.9% to 7.4%) from 2009 to 2011. The drop off can further be seen by his home run and fly ball distances over the past 3 years.

In 2011, he ended up as the 28 highest rated fantasy player. He has some useable traits going forward, but his declining power is a huge concern.

Brandon Phillips (30 years old) – He is model for consistency. He hits for power and AVG. He used to steal a bunch of bases. Not so much anymore.

What used to be his main value, steals, are on a steady decline. Since 2009, his SB have gone from 25 to 14. Even more important for teams in leagues with net steals (SB-CS), he only had 5 net steals last season.

Brian’s owners should have an idea to expect around a 0.290 AVG, 15 HR and 15 SB next season.

Rickie Weeks (29 years old) – After playing in 160 games in 2010 and 102 to start the 2012 season, Rickie remember who he was and promptly ended up back on the DL. At times he looks like an elite player, if he is on the field.

The one change I could see in his future value is a decrease in counting stats with Prince Fielder no longer on the Brewers.

Chase Utley (32 year old) – The $100,000 question going into 2012 for Utley is the condition of his knee. It is a huge concern and I will monitor reports on it this off season. The knee’s health will be key for him to start getting his power back which is on a 4 year decline.

Chase, along with Joe Mauer, could make a huge difference on a team if they are able to bounce back. The amount of playing time and production are huge unknowns going forward with Chase.