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Teams Providing the Least 2018 Fantasy Value: Hitters Edition

With the season coming to a close, now is a good time to look back to see which MLB teams provided fantasy owners with the most valuable offensive resources this season.

This chart looks at players currently ranked in the top twelve at each offensive position (and top fifty at outfield) in both CBS (points) and ESPN (roto) rankings, broken down by team. If you’re curious about which players where ranked where, a more detailed breakdown of the ranks are found here. If a player was eligible at more than one position, they were only included once, and if a player was ranked in the top twelve in one format, but not the other they were not included. If a player was traded, the team which they played the majority of their games with was given credit.

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No Time: Good Players to Avoid for the Stretch Drive

As your fantasy team marches into the playoffs, weekly matchups and playing time considerations become more important. Players fighting for playing time or battling nagging injuries can hurt you chances of taking home a title if they are giving you nothing or only playing three times per week. Especially leagues with weekly lineup locks.

While some players are easy to let go, the pedigree and past performance of others can make fantasy owners hesitant to cut or bench players of a certain caliber, but given the time of year, here are some top-150 players that you might consider cutting or benching to give you the best shot at winning in 2018.

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Batted Ball Data and the 2018 Rookie Class

It’s been a banner year for rookie players in 2018. This season we’ve seen the graduation of the minor leagues best all-around prospect (after the obligatory service time manipulation), a two-way phenom contribute on the mound and in the batter’s box, a 19-year-old that began the year in A-ball, and the Yankees continue to profit from their embarrassment of riches.

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Jake Bauers and Jesse Winker Should Hit For More Power

Jesse Winker and Jake Bauers haven’t set the fantasy world on fire since arriving in the big leagues. Winker, who debuted in 2017, and Bauers, who debuted this season, have been solid contributors to their real life baseball teams, but their inability to hit for power has limited their fantasy value.

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Turning Smoak Into Fire with Hernandez & Grichuk

One month into the regular season, Randal Grichuk’s tenure with the Blue Jays is off to a horrendous start. At the same time that Grichuk has struggled, Teoscar Hernandez has picked up where he left off last September, slugging .632 through sixteen games since his mid-April call up.

It doesn’t take a genius to point out that Grichuk (who was just sent to the DL) isn’t this bad and Hernandez isn’t this good. Or that Grichuk and Hernandez are actually very similar players. Both players lack plate discipline – they walk infrequently (although Hernandez has walked in the minor leagues and so far this season) and both players have been striking out around 30 percent of the time to this point in there careers.

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