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Ottoneu 201: Roster Management Strategies

Last week I wrote about a few lesser known opportunities within Ottoneu to maximize salary cap space, which is important to understand before your fantasy season begins.  However, by the time you read this post the fantasy season will have already begun, so I want to focus your attention today on strategies that will help you in-season as you attempt to squeeze every bit of value out of your team during what is sure to be a long but very fun Ottoneu season.

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My 2018 Ottoneu Portfolio

All auctions have completed for my nine ottoneu leagues (FanGraphs Points), so it’s time for me to lay out my portfolio of player shares once again. I made a concerted effort to have a more diversified portfolio than last year , where I owned two different players in ten out of eleven leagues, and two more in eight out of eleven leagues. Those four players really didn’t work out well for me (Pedro Alvarez, Cal Quantrill, Jaime Garcia, and Shawn Kelley), so I’m hoping my most owned players this season decide not to sink my (champion)ship hopes.

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Justin Vibber’s 10 Bold Predictions for 2018

After batting .100 in my first attempt at bold predictions here on RotoGraphs, and .200 in my second go around, I’m back for a third season with .300 as my goal. Anyone can hit .300 hitting softballs, so let’s make sure these predictions are bringing the heat, shall we?

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Fantasy Roster Building, Two Ways

Today, I’ve prepared for you a fantasy roster served two ways. The first is a reduction of ottoneu with a head-to-head sauce. For the second, I took advantage of the manager’s special on expiring meats to plate a premium meal on a budget. Enjoy.

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Ottoneu 201: Maximizing Salary Cap Space

Ottoneu auction leagues are drafting furiously to finalize rosters prior to the start of the regular season. Earlier this week Justin touched on the best way to build out a roster. Head-to-head is also coming to Ottoneu in 2018. The Ottoneu community is buzzing with prospect junkies and interested owners looking to join new leagues.

Needless to say, Ottoneu is now in full swing, so if you’re still on the fence about trying out the game this year, now is the perfect time to jump in with both feet. With so much activity in March, most of our Ottoneu content is geared toward helping new owners learn the basics of the game. However, today I want to detour and offer a few tricks of the trade that veteran owners have figured out over time that might benefit those who are trying to take their Ottoneu game to the next level this season.

Trading for players you intend to cut…for cap space.

No matter how good your pre-auction plan, it’s not all that uncommon to exit an Ottoneu draft with less cash that you had hoped to save for future transactions. While a good rule of thumb is to keep about $10 in cap space, it’s easier said than done when some of the better bargains find their way into your hands at the end of a long draft night. What do you do when you’re up against a tight salary cap to start the season?

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Trey Baughn’s 10 Bold Predictions (2018)

This means we’re actually getting close to official baseball, right? It’s bold prediction season and you know the drill (with an Ottoneu context), so let’s get started.

1. Freddie Freeman achieves 8.0 WAR

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How I Construct My Ottoneu Rosters

With ottoneu auctions in full swing, and just over two weeks before the season begins, I wanted to take a look at how I plan out my rosters both before/during an auction and heading into the season. I use a mix of the typical ottoneu auction results and the number of players I feel put me in the best position to meet games and innings caps in my “rubric”. Without further ado, here’s my breakdown:

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Early Ottoneu Auction Prices

The ottoneu auction season is in full swing, and just as I did last year I’d like to take a look at some interesting early auction results. I’ve gone through and manually pulled the auction data for first year FGPts leagues that have started/finished their auctions, and I like looking at these salaries because they better represent the ottoneu player market values (as opposed to the average salaries page, which includes underpaid keepers and overpaid studs in high inflation leagues).

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My First Taste of Draft Season

The Screw Cancer league drafted last night. It’s an ottoneu FGpts format put together by former FanGraphs kingpin Dave Cameron. He – and some others – were forced to leave the league due to new commitments. It’s my first season in Screw Cancer, and it was my first draft of the season.

Since joining the league, we’ve raised $1,283 for cancer-related charities. If you’d like to participate, please contact me directly.

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2018 Ottoneu FGPts Rankings- SP/RP

Over the past week and change I have shared our ottoneu FanGraphs points player rankings for C/1B/3B , 2B/SS, and OF, and today we wrap things up with SP/RP. This year the rankings will include values from myself, Trey Baughn, and the default values from the FanGraphs Auction Calculator using the ottoneu FanGraphs points preset (Steamer projections). We are presenting our individual dollar values, plus the weighted average of all three rankings (2:2:1 weighting with the Auction Calc weighted less). In addition, the tables below include ottoneu eligibility (5 games started/10 games played in the prior year). Players are ranked only at their most valuable position, and the hierarchy we are using is C/SS/2B/3B/OF/1B (with 3B and OF being a coin toss in terms of replacement level, we chose to include 3B/OF eligibles at 3B).

Prior Rankings: C/1B/3B, 2B/SS, OF

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