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As we make the transition to the Daily Fantasy Update, I’ve lost my role as “Friday and Saturday Streamers Guy,” as well as the chance to shoehorn in a Bullet For My Valentine reference in all my post titles. And while finding four streamers across those two days was sometimes challenging, I’ve now been tasked with something equally challenging – making daily recommendations for Thursdays, perhaps the toughest day of the week.

After all, Thursdays and Mondays have the lightest schedules in baseball, and Thursdays can also pose the challenge of “getaway days,” where teams play afternoon games after night games. Those afternoon-after-night scenarios are especially important to watch out for when it comes to catchers and relief pitchers, as a manager is less likely to put that kind of wear on his guys in the more taxing roles. Tomorrow is a rare Thursday, though, in that all 30 teams play and there are only four afternoon games. So what the heck am I going on for? Thanks, Interleague Play!

Oh, Interleague. There’s another wrinkle to watch out for, as nine American League teams lose their designated hitter for the day. Guys like Victor Martinez and Adam Lind might feel the crunch with more valuable players taking up their potential positions. I know not everyone can check the line-ups diligently as they’re posted throughout the day, so it might be better to avoid DHs altogether (or scan each team’s site for context clues), since an empty spot is such a killer for daily leagues like Draftstreet.

The Daily Five

Jake Peavy– $17,072
Well, duh, right? It’s not too often at all I’ll recommend the second highest priced pitcher in this daily column, but there are a few caveats. Namely, a lot of the bad offenses around the league run into terrible pitchers tomorrow, limiting our pool. Peavy also sets up really well for a dominant outing – the Cubs have just a .307 wOBA, strike out at nearly the league average rate and never walk. The only thing that can slow him is the 50-50 chance of scattered thunderstorms, but the early start time negates a bit of this risk.

Michael Wacha – $6,399
I wanted to recommend Alex Colome here, as he’s also making his debut, but he’s not in the player pool yet. If he pops up, grab him for a cherry set-up against the Marlins. Wacha has a favorable landing spot as well, facing the now-notoriously homer-avoiding Kansas City Royals. The Royals might not provide a tonne of strikeouts, something Wacha is expected to provide in bunches, but they don’t threated to provide many hits or runs either. Welcome to the show, meat.

Adam LaRoche – $9,082
Look, I don’t like him any more than you do. But facts are facts. Freddy Garcia has a 6.39 FIP and is giving out home runs like their candy beans. He’s giving up a .367 wOBA to lefties. Add in the fact that it’s supposed to be north of 85 degrees in Baltimore tomorrow and baby, you got a stew going. Or at least a game with an extra base hit and a walk more or less guaranteed.

Todd Frazier – $7,719
Frazier has been hitting better over the past two weeks or so, and there’s a strong chance that continues with Scott Kazmir throwing to him. I don’t like to pick on Kaz, but the 5.04 FIP is unsightly and righties are teeing off on him at a .425 wOBA clip. Frazier might whiff once or twice, but the chances these two fly ball profiles meet up to create a beautiful moon-shot are strong.

Brett Gardner – $7,425
Dillon Gee is on the mound, and he’s been terrible so far, but that’s not the reason you’re looking Brett’s way. John Buck is behind the plate, and that means if Gee lets Gardner on (which he will), the speedster should be able to pick on Buck, who has already allowed 13 stolen bases this year. While his caught stealing rates have improved the last two years, this is a guy who in 2011 gave up 83 stolen bases in 100 attempts. Run free, Brett Gardner. Run free.

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