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Last Second Saves/Holds

Depending on how close a race you are in, whether it’s a roto league or head to head, this is your last-ditch effort to finish on top. If you need strikeouts to scratch out a point, then you load up on potential strikeout pitchers. If you need to add a few ticks to your team OBP, then so long as it isn’t a keeper league, ditch everyone that isn’t contributing and get someone else in there who is. This is obviously nothing new and I’m not offering up some secret advice. I’m just trying to encourage you to keep the fight goign for one more day. Do everything you can and walk away from the season with your head held high.

With that, I’m looking to all of you who might be a just a save or two behind and don’t want to rock the boat on your ratios too much. If you can’t move up and you can’t get hurt in categories for starting pitcher, then you may as well just cut your starters loose and bulk up solely on relief help. Here are a few names that might be of some final day interest.


Wilton Lopez, HOU — You never know. Lopez was called into action and picked up the save on Tuesday night, so considering it’s a game against the Cubs, anything is possible here on the last day. He’s picked up three saves and has posted a 2.25 ERA over the last seven days and the Astros have won five of their last six games.

Glen Perkins, MIN — Well, the Twins aren’t exactly finishing strong here with just one win over their last six games, but if Perkins is available, then why not? It’s not like Toronto is some juggernaut of a team that Perkins couldn’t be needed late in the game. He’s thrown three innings over the last seven days, notching one save with five strikeouts. If the Twinkies have the lead, he’ll get the call.

Brandon League, LAD — Sure, the Giants have taken all the wind out of the Dodgers sails here at the end, but the rivalry is still intact and there’s no love lost between the two franchises.  Despite being officially eliminated from post-season play, the Dodgers would love to send the Giants off with a loss, so if it stays close at the end, League, who has a save over this past week, woudl likely be used.

If holds are what you seek, then perhaps these names could help:  Kelvin Herrera, Francisley Bueno, Santiago Casilla, Bobby Parnell, and Sean Doolittle

Congratualtions on another completed season. Hopefully it was a successful one.