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If you look up “pesky” in the dictionary, you may very well find yourself staring at a picture of Mark Ellis. His photograph also happens to grace the page in which the definition for “Deep League Second Baseman” resides. Some of us were worried that we would have to find a new player for the 2012 version of the dictionary, but after being traded from the A’s to the Rockies a couple of weeks ago, it appears Ellis is still deep league worthy.

Ellis did not look good in Oakland, and while some of it was BABIP driven, he walked sparingly and only hit one homer in over 200 at bats. He also posted career worsts in SwStr% and O-Swing%, numbers that haven’t been fantastic even after the trade.

Ellis hasn’t been a standard league option since 2007 when he hit 19 homers and batted .276, but he was an underrated deep league option in 2008 and 2009 thanks to his mix of steals and homers. Even though he’s been on this planet for thirty-four years now, a change of scenery could be a boon to his fantasy value. Getting out of the vast expanses in Oakland really can’t hurt Ellis, and getting to play in the National League should help boost his numbers.

Don’t expect Ellis to be anything other than he is: solid. If you’re looking for a second baseman who could hit .275 with modest power and steals, Ellis is your man. And if he can’t do it, well, someone else probably can.

Deep League Waiver Wire Notes
– If you picked up John Mayberry in deep leagues, you’ve been very happy with his recent results, but his run is about to end. Shane Victorino started his minor league rehab stint this past weekend, so Mayberry will not longer be getting run out in center field. It’s entirely possible he sees some time against southpaws, but he’s not going to be worth a roster spot unless another member of the Phillies outfield gets injured.

– Juan Miranda was sent down to the minors late last week, and he was replaced by Brandon Allen. Miranda may have gotten his last extended chance in the majors, so those of you holding on to him in keeper leagues should let him go.

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As an A’s fan I was sad to see Ellis, the longest tenured Athletic go. I wish him the best yet hope I never have to pick him up in fantasy.