Prospect Watcher: Brett Gardner

Games: Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brett Gardner | CF | New York
Versus Kansas City and RHP Gil Meche

At-Bat 1:

  • Result: Single to center
  • Pitcher: Gil Meche (RHP)
  • Situation: Leading off the game | 3-2 count
  • Pitch: Slider | Inside and middle (strike) | 89 mph

    At-Bat 2:

  • Result: Fly out to LF
  • Pitcher: Gil Meche (RHP)
  • Situation: Third inning, one out, none on | 3-1 count
  • Pitch: Fastball | Outside and high (strike) | 90 mph

    At-Bat 3:

  • Result: Grounds to SS for double play
  • Pitcher: Gil Meche (RHP)
  • Situation: Sixth inning, one on, none out | 0-0 count
  • Pitch: Fastball | Low and away (strike) | 89 mph

    At-Bat 4:

  • Result: Fly out to RF
  • Pitcher: Juan Cruz (RHP)
  • Situation: Eighth inning, none out, none on | 2-2 count
  • Pitch: Change-up | Middle and low (strike) | 83 mph

    Notes: Gardner had perhaps his best at-bat of the season against KC ace Gil Meche in the first inning of this game. He did exactly what the lead-off hitter should do: See a lot of pitches and get on base. He made Meche throw seven pitches and the outfielder laced a single to center on the final toss of the match-up. That is the type of approach he needs to take each and every game if he is going to hold on to the center-field job in New York long term.

    American League:

    Chris Getz | 2B | Chicago
    Opponent: RHP Nick Blackburn (Minnesota)
    Result: 0-for-3, 2 LOB
    Trending: 1-for-13 in his last four games
    Notes: Switching Dewayne Wise for Getz at the top of the order has really not helped the White Sox. The club desperately needs a leadoff hitter. Getz is better as the No. 2 or No. 9 man at this point.

    Elvis Andrus | SS | Texas
    Opponent: RHP Edwin Jackson (Detroit)
    Result: 1-for-3, run scored
    Trending: His OBP is just .294.
    Notes: Andrus has a hit in all but one of the five MLB games he’s appeared in.

    Travis Snider | LF | Toronto
    Opponent: RHP Anthony Reyes (Cleveland)
    Result: 0-for-2, with a sacrifice and 1 LOB
    Trending: .250 vs LHPs, .250 vs RHPs
    Notes: Snider was back in the line-up on Sunday after sitting while the club faced two southpaw starters.

    National League:

    Travis Ishikawa | 1B | San Francisco
    Opponent: RHP Chris Young (San Diego)
    Result: 0-for-3, 1 LOB
    Trending: No at-bats versus left-handed pitching
    Notes: Ishikawa hasn’t driven in a run since plating three on opening day.

    Chris Dickerson | OF | Cincinnati
    Opponent: RHP Ian Snell (Pittsburgh)
    Result: 1-for-2, two walks
    Trending: 4 walks in 4 games
    Notes: So far this season in a small sample size, Dickerson is showing an improved approach at the plate, which has led to more walks and fewer strikeouts.

    Dexter Fowler | OF | Colorado
    Opponent: RHP Chan Ho Park (Philadelphia)
    Result: 2-for-5, solo homer, K
    Trending: More HRs (2) than SB (1)
    Notes: Early on, Fowler is showing a little more power (2 hrs in 13 at-bats) than expected

    Jordan Schafer | CF | Atlanta
    Opponent: LHP Scott Olsen (Washington)
    Result: 0-for-4, three Ks
    Trending: 1-for-8 in day games
    Notes: Schafer was 5-for-9 in his first two games against Washington on the weekend before the three-strikeout performance on Sunday.

    Colby Rasmus | CF | St. Louis
    Opponent: LHP Wandy Rodriguez (Houston)
    Result: 0-for-2, run, BB, K
    Trending: 1-for-7 vs LHPs
    Notes: His average is down, but Rasmus has walked five times with just two strikeouts in six games.

    Cameron Maybin | CF | Florida
    Opponent: LHP Johan Santana (New York)
    Result: 1-for-4, two Ks
    Trending: Four two-strikeout games in his five starts in 2009
    Notes: Maybin has yet to drive in a run or take a walk this season.

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