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Rankings Update: Third Base

After being listed as Day-to-Day with computer problems last week, I’m 100% and returning to your lineup. I’m going to stick with FANS projected wOBA for now, with a switch to 2010 stats after the first month is over.

Big Three
Alex Rodriguez (.418 wOBA)
Evan Longoria (.386)
David Wright (.395)

No movement here. I flirted with moving Longoria ahead of A-Rod, but it’s still a bit early to be making that call.

Medium Three
Pablo Sandoval (.386)
Ryan Zimmerman (.376)
Mark Reynolds (.364)

Once again, no one moves. If Reynolds can get his BABIP in order, he’s on pace for another nice season.

Oldies But Goodies
Michael Young
Chipper Jones (.389)
Aramis Ramirez (.383)

Guess who moved this time? No one, that’s who. Two early homers are a nice sign from Young, even if the average isn’t quite there yet. Be patient, it will come. Chipper had a blip on the radar with a minor back problem, but he appears to have put it behind him and is moving forward without an issue.

Jorge Cantu (.347)
Ian Stewart (.352)
Adrian Beltre (.346)

None of the first nine players moved off their spots, but there are some small changes here. Beltre moved below Stewart and Cantu, due to some reconsideration on my end. My expectations for Beltre were a bit high, and Cantu deserves his spot.

Tested and True
Scott Rolen (.353)
Casey Blake (.339)

A bunch of owners jumped on the Rolen bandwagon after his big start, but they’ll be jumping off after he goes through the big R known as regression.

Chase Headley (.353)
Casey McGehee (.330)
Mark Teahen (.329)
Jhonny Peralta (.329)
Alex Gordon (.364)

McGehee moves up, and Gordon moves in. With Gordon coming off the DL, he may be able to move up to the top of this tier, but I don’t see him going much higher.

The Rest of ‘Em
Andy LaRoche (.340)
Kevin Kouzmanoff (.330)
Edwin Encarnacion (.348)
Garrett Atkins (.331)
Brandon Inge (.319)
Jake Fox (.345)

After discussion on the Pod, Edwin Encarnacion moves into the bottom of the rankings. I do like his power, but the move to the AL East and low batting average will hurt his value. Brandon Inge is also making his debut, but he’s nothing special and isn’t worth your time.