Rankings Update: Third Base

Once again, these are your rankings for third baseman. All wOBA numbers are based on FANS projections, unless otherwise noted.

Big Three:
Alex Rodriguez (.418 wOBA)
Evan Longoria (.386)
David Wright (.395)

I’m very high on Wright this year, and could actually justify taking him over Longoria. However, I won’t.

Medium Three:
Pablo Sandoval (.386)
Ryan Zimmerman (.376)
Mark Reynolds (.364)

You want one of the top six third baseman. I don’t buy all the talk that 3B is terrible this year, but it does take a dip right here. Some don’t like Reynolds this year, but I’m not that down on him. Just don’t expect a repeat of 2009.

Wish I Would Have Taken A 3B Already:
Michael Young (.355)
Chipper Jones (.389)
Aramis Ramirez (.383)

I have Chipper in a bunch of leagues this year, as most people don’t seem to be taking a bounceback into account when looking at his value. Young will keep a high average, and for some reason I’m not fond of Aramis. Probably due to his injury last year, and the fact that he’s past his prime.

Adrian Beltre (.346)
Jorge Cantu (.347)
Ian Stewart (.352)

Beltre was getting drafted way ahead of where he should go, Cantu is always solid, and Stewart is a nice young player with pop. I don’t love any of these guys, but they all have some value and when put into the right team, can be good enough to start.

Tested and True:
Scott Rolen (.353)
Casey Blake (.339)

Both are somewhat of an injury risk (Rolen more so), but are good guys to have on your bench. Both could start for you if you want to fill up on other positions, with Blake being a safer bet as a full time starter.

Small Upside:
Chase Headley (.353)
Jhonny Peralta (.329)
Mark Teahen (.329)
Andy LaRoche (.340)
Casey McGehee (.330)

More bench guys. None of them are special, but give you some value. Headley and McGehee are both good options if you are in keeper leagues, and McGehee probably has 2B eligibility in your league.

The Rest of ‘Em:
Kevin Kouzmanoff (.330)
Garrett Atkins (.331)
Jake Fox (.345)

I hope you are in a really deep league if you are looking this far down. I don’t mind Atkins as a bench guy, due to his dual 1B/3B eligibility.

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Gordon Beckham?


If you consider Beckham’s upcoming dual eligibility at 2B, I’d definitely agree.


Beckham can easily out hit those numbers though. Look at Bill James, he has him at about a .290/.360/.475 hitter with 20 HR 95 RBI 95 R 10 SB 45 2B, how is that not good, even from a 3B?

Jack Weiland

I’d probably put him in the “Eh” category, with a chance to move into the “Wish I’d Already Taken a 3B”.



This is for fantasy. Unless you’re playing in a league that has doubles, him having 45 doubles is worthless. In a typical league that doesn’t add any points, so it’s why I don’t care if he hits 10 doubles or 45 doubles. From a fantasy point of view it doesn’t help the majority of people.

Now, the #’s you pointed out aren’t different than from what I said from a fantasy point of view. I said he’d hit for BA, and you said he’d hit 290. I said he’d score runs and you said he’d get 95. I said he’d hit 15-20 HR, same as the projection. Ditto on the steals.

The difference comes from the fact that I don’t believe that with Mark Teahen (career 331 OBP), Juan Pierre (347 career OBP) and Ramirez (325 OBP) batting in front of Beckham that he’ll have many RBI opportunities. And if he’s not giving you RBI’s, than he’s just giving you BA, runs, 15-20 HR and 10 steals. He’s just not that strong in any particular category (outside of runs) for me to consider him a quality option at 3B.


And unless you’re playing in a league which values doubles that doesn’t help much. He’ll hit for BA, probably hit 15-20 HR’s, 10-12 SB, do well in runs but poorly in RBI (so long as Teahen, Ramirez & Pierre are in front of him).

I wouldn’t think that’s good for a 3B.


I’d definitely put him into the “Wish I’d Already Taken a 3B” category, with the chance to be in the “Medium Three” category by the end of the season. Kid has a legit shot at 50 2B’s.