Roto Riteup: June 24, 2013

This morning’s Roto Riteup was prepared every so gently.

On today’s agenda:
1. Here comes Kyle Gibson
2. Joe Kelly earns rotation spot
3. Dan Haren hits the DL
4. Tuesday’s recommended viewing

Here comes Kyle Gibson
After months of toiling in the minors, Gibson has finally received clearance from Terry Ryan and the Men Upstairs to join his talented counterparts in the major leagues. Gibson made triple-A hitters his b-otch this year, ending with a 3.11 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, and 79 Ks in just under 93 innings of work. Coming off of Tommy John surgery, Gibson is on a fairly strict 2013 innings limit. With just under 93 frames already worked, odds are we won’t see more than 60 innings in the bigs. Gibson may never overpower hitters in The Show, but the young right-hander from Missouri will likely be able to induce grounders and post a respectable ERA. Unlike former top prospect Aaron Hicks, Gibson is actually ready for his challenge in the majors. Gibson will start for the Twins on Sunday, but you’ll need to pick him up now if you want him.

Joe Kelly earns rotation spot
After Tyler Lyons got smacked around in his first shot at the bigs, the Cardinals are now turning to Kelly to fill innings in the back of their rotation. Kelly started 16 games for the Red Birds last year, earning a 4.20 FIP in games that he began on the mound. Kelly sports a mid-90s fastball, but he’s never quite been able to use it to strike hitters out, instead utilizing its sinking action to generate balls on the ground. Kelly is going to be an interesting spot-starter for most owners when he’s at home, and/or when he’s not facing lefty-heavy lineups.

Dan Haren hits the DL
While Haren has publicly stated that he feels good enough to pitch, the Nationals are letting their right-hander rest in favor of letting him continue to be crushed by his opponents. Haren’s ERA sits at 6.15 for the year, way above the mid-3 marks we’ve grown accustomed to from the veteran. While Haren’s velocity is up a tick compared to last year, he’s had a very hard time fooling hitters and has grown especially vulnerable to the long-ball. At this point, I don’t believe there’s any league in which I would continue to own Haren.

Tuesday’s recommended viewing
The second day of the traditional work week may not be upon us until tomorrow, but I would like to strongly suggest readers find a way to view Taijuan Walker’s first AAA start. Walker, the Mariners’ top pitching prospect, will be squaring off against the Giants’ minor league affiliate from Fresno on Tuesday evening.

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K men
K men

Interestingly while he’s been getting crushed Haren’s xFIP has been trending downwards as his Swstr% has been trending up towards career levels. His BABIP and HR/FB% have been crazy high. I’m sure some of that is that he’s too much over the middle of the plate but at the same time he does seem to be missing bats again. Do you think it’s possible he’s just getting babip’d to death and has potential for an ERA around 4?


His fastball is not good, but it’s never really been good. His curve and split finger are ok, but nothing special and he doesn’t throw them all that much.

His cutter is just getting obliterated. His most frequently thrown pitch is arguably the worst pitch in all of baseball this year. Joe Blanton’s batting practice fastball says “hi”, but I think the results speak for themselves.

Too. Many. Meatballs.