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Roto Riteup: March 28th, 2012

Today’s Roto Riteup will not include suggestions for who to pick today in The Game, since the day’s game will have already started by the time this goes live. When games don’t start at ungodly hours, you should expect to see suggestions for the current day’s games.

Since fantasy owners watch games with a certain slant, here are some notes on things you may want to look for during the first few games of the year.

–  One thing to take note of over the first week or two of the season is Jemile Weeks’ approach at the dish. The speedy second baseman walked a good deal in the minors, but he tended to opt to put the ball in play during his stint with the A’s last season. Last season the switch-hitter averaged 3.85 pitches per plate appearance and swung 42.7% of the time, so use those numbers as a sort of benchmark going forward. If he decides to walk in the majors, his OBP could make him supremely valuable.

–  For Justin Smoak, this year is make or break. He looked great during the first part of 2011, and if he can start 2012 out in similar fashion, you should be all ready to pounce. Certainly don’t pay for him after he hits a homer off Bartolo Colon in game two, but be ready to make a move if you like what you see.

–  You should watch Jesus Montero hit. I’m not sure what you’ll learn from it, but I assume it will be fun. You should also watch Felix Hernandez pitch, because that’s really fun.

A Pitcher for Today: Brandon McCarthy (OAK) vs SEA
Odds are that McCarthy is owned in your league, but he’s the less likely to be owned than Felix Hernandez.

A Pitcher for Tomorrow: Jason Vargas (SEA) vs OAK
You’re going to have to pick between Vargas and Bartolo Colon, since both are going to be available. I have a strange feeling that Vargas will put up another impressive first-half of the season, and that starts in Japan.

FanGraphs: The Game
Normally, this part of the Riteup will highlight both a pitcher and a hitter you should consider utilizing for FanGraphs: The Game. However, due to the nature of only having two teams to pick from and today’s game already on it’s way, it’s not going to be a part of the post until Opening Day in the US of A.