Streaming for Steals Based on Catchers, Pitchers

Our own Erik Hahmann pointed out some great stolen-base options earlier this week, but there are enough teams desperate for stolen bases out there that we can try a different tact here. Did you know that the easiest team to steal on is the Boston Red Sox? And the hardest is in Arizona? And that the Red Sox have allowed more than twice as many stolen bases as the Diamondbacks?

Since the Red Sox have given up almost a stolen base per game, they seem ripe for stolen base streamers. They’ve got the Orioles twice, so it’s too bad the Orioles steal so rarely. Well, Robert Andino (6% owned) has jacked 11 bags and is probably a free agent in your league, so there’s that. Matt Angle (0% owned) and Nolan Reimold (6% owned) are fourth and fifth on the team with nine and six stolen bases respectively, so it’s too bad Adam Jones is getting back into games again. Well, Reimold is an option at least.

Second on the list, the Padres, give up about .87 steals per game. They’ve got the Dodgers and then the Cubs. Dee Gordon (18% owned) is looking like a tasty pickup even if he won’t give you any power at all. Seriously, have you seen the dude? Tony Gwynn Jr might be your man in deeper leagues! Thin Gwynn is only owned in 1% of leagues, but wait until he gets the go-ahead to play again. If someone dropped Jamey Carroll (15% owned), he’s playing and looking for his 15th RBI and 11th stolen base. On the Cubs, there’s always Tony Campana (0% owned), as Erik pointed out. Dude’s short and fast.

If you want to go by caught stealing percentage instead of volume, Houston and Florida would be your chosen opponents. Houston has Colorado and St. Louis coming up, but it would take a lot to get St. Louis stealing bases. Tyler Greene (0% owned) leads the team… with 10. He’s not getting much time, though. If Dexter Fowler is out there (32% owned), he’s your guy. Mark Ellis (5% owned) is the deep league play for his series against the Astros. Florida gets Washington for the final series. Roger Bernadina is getting sparse play since he came back, but he’s owned in 1% of leagues and will probably start against some righties, so the shark is your deep leaguer. Danny Espinosa (44% owned) has some speed and has been good against lefties, and his double-play partner Ian Desmond (60% owned) also has speed, has been better in September, and likes righties so far this year. Platoon, maybe.

One last wrinkle! Some pitchers are especially bad against speedsters. John Lackey is the king of the stolen base allowed this year (33 stolen bases) at least when you consider his team behind him as well. He might get a start against the Yankees on the 25th. Ted Lilly has allowed the same amount of stolen bases, so his start on Friday against the Padres might produce a streamer stealer for you. According to Brian Cartwright, Trevor Cahill and Derek Lowe also figure into the top five if you consider only steals of second base.

The point is: whether you focus on the pitcher or the catcher, or use both leaderboards to find your ideal combination, the resources are there for you. Consider streaming for stolen bases if they are all that stands between you and a championship.

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