Theriot, Schumaker, Betancourt: 2B WW Options

Today, I am looking at some possible 2B options for owners in deeper leagues. The following players are owned in less than 10% of the leagues at ESPN and Yahoo!.

Ownership percentages are ESPN and then Yahoo!.

Ryan Theriot (9%, 7%) – Theriot is just not a talented 2B and it really doesn’t matter. He is getting regular playing time (started 19 of the last 21 games at 2B for the Giants) and is hitting at the top of lineup (#2 hole in 19 of the last 20 games). Both “attributes” will help him to generated plenty of opportunities to score and drive in Runs. He just needs to take advantage of the opportunities.

Basically, Ryan has been the same player since making it to majors. He will hit around 0.280 with almost no HRs and close to 20 SBs. With both 2B and SS eligibility, he is a nice option to have on a team’s bench for off days or possible injuries.

Skip Schumaker (1%, 1%) – Schumaker returned to the Cardinals last night and went 0 for 3 in his first game since May 30th. Currently, his triple slash line stands at 0.310/0.366/0.417. If those numbers stand, it will be his best season since 2008.

Baiscally, he is a one dimensional player right now with AVG being his only worthwhile fantasy attribute. He has almost no HR power (2 HRs over the past 2 seasons) and less SB potential (0 SBs). His owners should only expect the AVG help and any Runs and RBIs he happens to generate.

Currently, he is starting in CF until John Jay returns from the DL. Once Jay returns, Schumaker looks to only be a Plug-n-Play guy for other players’ off days

Yuniesky Betancourt (0%, 2%) – For those owners desperate for a warm body to put in their lineup, Betancourt is an available option. Not a good one, but an option. Right now he has only one useable fantasy trait and that is some HR power (4 HRs in 100 PA).

One factor helping Yuni’s value right now is that Chris Getz is on the DL. Betancourt should be getting plenty of playing time as the normal 2B and backup SS.

Finally, he has been batting 2nd in the Royals lineup which helps with Run and RBI opportunities. He is definitely just a short term solution, but teams in AL-only or extremely deep leagues, where every warm starter is needed, can use him for a short while until Getz returns.

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Elian Herrera

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