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Suggestions and Questions

Now that the new version of the Saber Library is up and running, I’d like this to be more than just a reference site: I want this to be an area where people can come and have their questions about sabermetrics answered. If you ever have any questions about a sabermetric principle or statistic, please reach out to me on Twitter (@steveslow) or by emailing the Saber Library’s mailbox: saberlibrary at fangraphs.com.

I can’t promise that I’ll give you an in-depth answer to every question, but at the very least, I’ll do my best to direct you to the right place to find the information you’re seeking. Also, if I get enough questions, I’ll start a “mailbag” feature and answer some commonly asked questions in a weekly post. I’m no expert on sabermetrics – far from it – but we have many knowledgeable writers on staff here at FanGraphs, so if I don’t know the answer to a question, I’ll be sure to find someone else who does.

Also, feel free to contact me with the Saber Library’s email address if you notice any factual mistakes with the Library (like I said, I’m no expert), you have any suggestions for the site, or you have any cool content / links to pass along. There are many writers out there making saber primers, filming introductory videos, and creating educational visuals, and I want the Library to help promote those efforts.

In other words, if you have any questions, suggestions, or cool links, hit me up.