2013 Hall of Fame Ballot as seen by Murray Chass

Steroid Abuser Jr.
Jeff Bagwinstrol
Creatine Baldness
Breasty Bonds
Jeff Cypionate
Raised Cholesterol
Regularly Cheating
Jeff Clenbuterol
Sustanon Finley
Julio Felon
Shawn Greenies
Roidberto Hernandianabol
Roiding Kidneydisease
Kenny Liar
Edgar Martestosterone
Doing Meth
Fred McGrowthhormone
Mark McGrossmisconduct
Jaundice Mesa
Jack Morepills
Deca-durabolin Murphy
Rafael Primobolan
Macne Pibacne
Tumors Raines
Reduced Spermcount
Caught Steroiding
Aanovar Selling
Liver Suffering
Steroid Swallower
More Steroids
All True
Liar Walker
Trembling Walker
David Winstrol
Rondell Waste
Badguy Williams
Woody Willcheated

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what about Brady Andro-son
and his one 51 Homer season?
I have to laugh about the ESPN idiots and Coors Canaveral back in the heyday, when actually Larry Walker, Andres Gallaraga, Dante AND Vinny Castilla were all juiced up, and not the humidor solved the problem????