A Phrase from Koji Uehara’s Blog Translated, Questioned

This kind of translation-fun-times thing has already been covered by Mississippi Matt Smith here and elsewhere excellently and sans flaw. But I really love automated translators, and am dabbling today because there is a mystery afoot, possibly a sexual mystery, possibly a mystery involving a stiff suit, and definitely a mystery involving Koji Uehara. Observe:



What a handsome and tall man! Let me draw your attention to a specific phrase:


And then supply you with some possible translations:


After all I suit, body such that … hard. I hope those of uniform because move easily.


It suits me body hardens like… Uniform who can move effortlessly from Nice.


I guess the body suit is a lot stronger. The uniform is easier to move to it’s good.


After all.that a body is tense a suit…Because a uniform can work easily, I am good.

What is Koji saying? Something involving his body hardening and uniforms, clearly unclearly. The Bing translation is by far the most intriguing, as it involves the southern French city of Nice for some reason. Also a body in the act of hardening. Now THAT is interesting. Or perverse. Or just French, I guess. Why, how, wherefore, whence, and whoontz Koji needed to discuss his hard body and Nice, France are still completely unknown. Because I am out of worthwhile brainwaves this Tuesday I will let the mystery remain without further analysis. Instead I’ll leave you with the translation party tool and a song my friend made about Odysseus.

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