A Streaker’s Profound Message

We — those watching at home last night on television — didn’t see this clown while he was running around the field. We only heard about him, and his antics. But, as the Getty Image above shows us, he was no ordinary streaker. He was a streaker with a message: YOLO; You Only Live Once.

Now, I’ll be honest, I’ve never understood streaking. I don’t see the joy in removing one’s clothes, running around a baseball field, and then being tackled, and perhaps tazered, by the police. But, hey, that’s me; there are some things I’ll never understand. But he — the streaker — is right about one thing: we certainly do only live once. And if streaking almost naked across the Rogers Centre field with YOLO written on his chest was on that young man’s bucket list, it no longer is today, and I can respect that.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson from last night’s streaker: life is short. Too short. Who knows if we’ll be here tomorrow. Tackle your bucket list, friends. Because it won’t tackle itself. I’m going to buy that iPad after all. Probably today. Thank you, anonymous streaker. Your arrest wasn’t in vain.

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One is technically not streaking in a bathing suit…..although I appreciate the decorum this young man showed for our eyes……