Action Footage: Zack Wheeler Strikes Out Chad Tracy

Talented Mets right-handed prospect Zack Wheeler is pitching today (Saturday) against the Nationals in a spring training game. After four batters, he’s walked one and struck out two, including an inning-ending strikeout against Washington’s Chady Tracy — action footage of which strikeout was captured by the author.

Pitch No. 1: A fastball at 96 mph (although maybe 98 mph, it’s hard to make out) taken for strike one.

Wheeler Tracy 3rd FA Called

Pitch No. 2: Wheeler’s only changeup of the inning, so far as the author could tell, swung at for strike two.

Wheeler Tracy 3rd CH SS

Pitch No. 3: A fastball on the inside corner — again at what looks like 96 mph — for a swinging strike three.

Wheeler Tracy 3rd FA SS

Pitch No. 3 (Replay): That same last pitch, except slower and more slow.

Wheeler Tracy 3rd FA SS Slow

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Looked solid.