“Added Some Bulk”

Chris Getz

Chris Getz has apparently “added some bulk,” according to Ned Yost.

Since the “best shape of my life” beat is already taken, maybe I can compile the “added some bulk” collection.

Chris Sale

and… that’s it. Or at least that’s all Google can help me find.

Okay, this will not be a big collection. Also, Chris Sale is not very bulky.

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AC of DC

If Chris Getz’s new bulk helps him to add to his 2 career HR, and upon hitting same he performs just such an eyes-of-indifference, lightsaber-summon-in-reverse bat flip as seen above (where he is in all likelihood returning to the dugout rather less successful than a buffer slugger), then I suspect that as a bulk-added Royal of unique bat flippery, he could become a star here at NotGraphs. “If” . . .