Alex Rodriguez and Friends

If you have not looked at Alex Rodriguez’s Facebook page recently, a) why the devil not?, and b) you may not have seen this photograph, taken on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, that features Our Hero alongside fellow baseballists Joseph Bats and Señor Octubre.


Due to cropping, though, we are missing out on who else is in the photograph. We have also missed out on THE FULL STORY. As an Artist, I am here to fix that for you.


From left to right: General Zod, Bashar al-Assad, Jose Bautista, David Ortiz, EVIL ITSELF, The Hamburglar, Jeffrey Loria, and a big drum of nuclear-flavoured steroids. (Click image to big it up.)

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Please make this a T-shirt. I can’t stop laughing. The Hamburglar is the best part.

Dead Opera Star

Bashar Al-Assad in it is what got me.