Anatomically Correct Infographics: Mike Napoli

I usually cannot go a single day without Googling Mike Napoli, I don’t know about you.

In a recent Google image search, I happened upon this infographic, which was part of an article by Mike Fast at Baseball Prospectus:

I was taken by how odd the silhouettes looked: the back knee appears hyperextended, the gut uncomfortably drawn in, the entire body unbalanced. The arched back makes the figure look weak and tired. It doesn’t look like any real-life ballplayer.

But mostly I was incredulous that this silhouette was meant to represent Mike Napoli . . . and I was determined to fix it accordingly. Thus:

There. That’s better. I mean, why should we hide the stuff that makes Mike a tater popper (or the stuff that results from him being a tater popper)? Let’s represent.

Hot Zone + Bread Basket = Tater Popper

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