Angel Pagan Provides Free Tacos

If you like heavily-processed meat AND saving money, then yesterday was your day, fair NotGraphs readers. During this year’s World Series, the restaurant chain Taco Bell, as a part of its Steal a Base, Wreck a Toilet Steal a Taco campaign, offered a free Doritos Locos Taco to any fan as long as a player stole a base during the series. Thanks to Angel Pagan’s heroics in Game 2, fans were treated to the opportunity to snag a free Mexican falafel. And Taco Bell stayed true to their word. However, Angel Pagan did not just give free tacos to all with his base-stealing, he did it with some straight-up sorcerer’s conjuration and shit. Observe:


And the people subsequently rejoiced.


Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, Angel Pagan, Taco Bell, and America.

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Highball Wilson

I rely on these tacos to keep me regular. If that results in the wrecking of toilets, so be it. Eat tacos and rejoice.