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Another Reason Why Rickey Is the Greatest

Rickey Henderson is the fucking greatest for many reasons. The following anecdote is further proof of said.

from Long Shot by Mike Piazza

Rickey got his, there’s no denying that: made over $44million in his time as a player. But Rickey knew that not everyone in the game would get their shot to make millions, and Rickey didn’t know what kind of shit people had going on at home, so maybe Rickey figured people went through some of the same shit that Rickey came through — ’cause Rickey had it kinda tough. So when Rickey can vote to spread some wealth around to those who don’t have his talents (and really, who does?), he can’t see a single damn reason not to do so.

Mike Piazza, who made over $120millon as a player and hailed from wealth and baseball privilege to begin with, “came down somewhere in the middle.”

Fuck that, said Rickey. Fuck that indeed.

H/t to the one and only Cush.