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Apple TV Now Streams MLB.tv

Steve Jobs + baseball = magic.

Things have improved for fans looking to stream MLB.tv on their televisions: On Wednesday Apple TV added support for the service.

MLB.tv streaming is already available on lots of electronic things; a full list is here. But for those who aren’t satisfied watching on smart phones, computers, or tablet computers — for those who prefer to watch sports from a slight distance, sprawled on softly yielding couches — the options haven’t been great.

Yeah, I can hook my laptop up to my TV, but that’s fiddly and monopolizes my laptop during games. I could invest in a Blu-ray player or game console that supports MLB.tv streaming, but that’s expensive. The iPad 2 has an HDMI out, but sadly I don’t have an iPad 2. Until this week, the Roku video player was the only option for a $100 or cheaper device designed to put MLB.tv on my television. The $99 Apple TV is a welcome addition to this category.

In closing, since some percentage of this post constitutes free advertising for MLB.tv, here’s an obligatory: Fix the blackouts, you guys.