Ask NotGraphs (#17)

Dear NotGraphs,

What are your five favorite baseball books?

Your Wife, Because You Asked Her For a Fake Question That Would Maybe Sound Real

Thanks for the question, Wife. I’ve decided to make this list in no particular order, with only one criterion: how much I remember enjoying the book while I was reading it. A few of these I read when I was a kid, a couple are more recent. Each of them I remember very fondly. I’m not sure I would feel the same way now about, say, The Diamond Appraised, having read so many other books since. But when I read it — and I guess I was probably 10 or 11 at the time, given the publication date (I think I read it when it was fairly new) — it was absolutely eye-opening.

I’m sure most people will disagree with my choices. Feel encouraged to make your own list in the comments.

1. The Diamond Appraised, by Craig Wright and Tom House
2. Fantasyland, by Sam Walker
3. This Time Let’s Not Eat The Bones by Bill James
4. Feeding the Green Monster by Rob Neyer
5. The Way Home by Henry Dunow

Happy reading,

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i assume “Business and [explitive]ing: Secrets to Crushing the Competition in the Boardroom and the Bedroom” would be included in the next 5…or does that not count as a baseball book?


That book is NOT a baseball book in the same way that the Bible IS a secular, self-improvement guide.