Ask NotGraphs: The Yahoo! Answers Edition

OK, NotMinds, time to start putting all that jealously guarded knowledge to use! Time to start giving back to the community! I’ve ventured into the intellectual hothouse that is Yahoo! Answers, and picked out a modest bouquet of the most urgent, penetrating, or just plain tough baseball-related questions. I’ll trust you all to sort through these and pitch in where you’re most needed.

Dice K is the greatest pitcher to have ever played any sports, and Gagne is the Pippen of Pitching. Agree?

How do you make a Jackie Robinson sculpture?

Will the records of Babe Ruth survive if another cataclysmic event happens like the extinction of the dinosaur?

Does anyone think the Astros will get a win on the board against the Astros today?

How is Pablo Sandoval like in everyday life?

Isn’t David Wright The Hottest Baseball Player Ever?
I know I love him do you?… He is so much better than Derek Jeter or Arod ewww!

If a baseball represents the whole universe. What is the skin of the baseball and everything outside of it?

What human qualities were influential for derek jeter?

Would I look retarded going to a MLB baseball game myself?

how many stupid baseball fans are going to cry on their pillows tonight a stupid old man?

Will Chan Ho Park go down as one of the dumbest baseball players ever?

why does playing baseball make your head bigger?

I have premature ejaculation and Kegels excercises are not working. I cant think of baseball while having sex.?

Where can I find footage of Ty Cobb attacking that handicapped person?
Is there any way I can find video and audio footage of Ty Cobb brutally attacking that handicapped person, what he did and said while he was doing it and footage of that game taking place? Is there any footage of this at all? I want to see it
Additional Details
yes there were. There was video cameras in the late 1800s and sound recording and radio back then. They even have footage of Babe Ruth pitching for the Red Sox when he started there in 1914. Where can I find the footage of Ty Cobb?

Who invented the grandfather of baseball?

In baseball history, how many games has Kyle Farnsworth botched for his team in the late innings?

Will the baseball players eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to celebrate new year’s?

Who are the most depressed, sad players on a baseball team? The pitchers?

How come when those people in baseball get mad they start shaking there head alot at the ref dude?

Do you remember getting mad in the 90’s cuz everytime u got a pack of baseball cards u always get Zane Smith?

How can I get people to know that I love baseball more than anything in the world?

If we are both wearing baseball caps, is this guy invading personal space?
If the tips of our baseball caps are knocking into each other, is he invading my personal space. (Im a girl, hes the guy)
He got real close this way, and said something quietly to me, he was so close, i could not see his eyes cause of the cap, no idea why.
Additional Details
he twiddled with my ear while he took off the headset i was wearing?

How long do i hv to trane 2 b able 2 throw a baseball into space?
right now im the starting picher 4 my little league team
4 exercise i do 10 dimond pushup n bicepts curls w/ 5 lb
plz i rly want 2 do this….

If a baseball player farted in space, would the gas freeze?

You throw a baseball, then freeze time and space. What you see next is the baseball, frozen in mid air. What happens if you touch it? Would it fall? What would happen if you jumped? Would you just keep going up, or would you fall back down? I wouldn’t think you’d fall, because there’s no gravity, other wise the baseball would fall. Please think and respond intelligently. I’m not looking for smart *** comments or I don’t knows.

What changes at the molecular level when a baseball goes dead?

If hitting a Home Run in baseball is so great, why do the pitcher always look so pissed off when it happens?

is it true that girl baseball fans are fat ugly pigs? guy baseball fans have fleas on their hair?

Silly question about the atlanta braves chant?
I know this is way silly, but I am trying to figure out how one would spell out the atlanta braves chant??. I am wanting to add it to my facebook status lol.

Who would win in a fight Ben Wallace or Albert pujols?
Ben Wallace is bigger and prob faster. I say Wallace cuz of the reach advantage but my friend says pujols. Who y’all think and why?

If there are two identical Ichiro, can Ichiro1 throw out the Ichiro2 in third base?

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