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Baseball Card Tournament – Brusstar vs Winfield

We’re not going to break new tournament ground here. No number one seeds went down, and though Steve Bedrosian was huggable, the Mad Hungarian won out.

So now we’re on to the two seeds. And now an upset becomes more likely. Especially when the high seed looks like he’s sitting on the toilet.

#2. 1989 Topps Dave Winfield
You ain’t got nothin, little man. Me and my humpback smile dismissively at you. You ever hear my Jerry Lewis impression? M’glavin! I got this floating cap trick too, let me turn it around and try to get this right. But baseball card tourney? Whatever. I can hit 25 jacks sitting on the john. In conclusion, in the immortal words of Peter Gammons, mmmplops.

#7. 1981 Topps Warren Brusstar
I am serious about this. Does not my furrowed unibrow express exactly how serious I’m taking this? I’m a graduate, man. You can see it on the back of my card: Napa (Calif.) Junior College. I’m a sstar. You know how you get a streak of 104 straight homerless innings going? By taking this sh*t serious, man. Even my goddang chest hair is busting out, ready to take this sucker on. Let’s go.