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Baseball Card Tourney: Bedrosian vs Hrabosky

Every tournament must begin with its blowouts. It’s the way of the number one seed in the first round. So don’t cry a tear for Mike Flanagan, he’s already gone. The goofy happiness of the 1981 Fleer Bruce Sutter was just too much for him to overcome. Honestly, how do you say anything negative in the face of such unbridled optimism and joy? Not happening.

And now we have our final blowout in the making. Once again, we find ourselves with a couple relievers touting full facial hair. Unfortunately for one, the other owns a legendary nickname. It may be a fait accompli, but let’s play this one out, shall we? Because then we can get on to the closer matchups and root for some underdogs.

#8. 1989 Topps Steve Bedrosian
Guys? Guys? Are we sure about this? I mean, he’s crazy. The Mad Hungarian they call him. I don’t really want to get in the ring with him. I mean, sure, I like my full beard. And I am a closer – pretty good one, had 28 saves last year. But come on, dude has enough screws loose to put up a house. I don’t know, I don’t feel good about this. Guys? Guys?

#1. 1981 Topps Al Hraboski
The sun can’t stop me, I’ll stare right into that crap. You can’t stop me, I’ll throw this ball through your chest. Think I am afraid of you? I wasn’t afraid of Hank f’ing Aaron, no bearded shmo from the Phils is going to do anything. Stomping around on the mound? No, I’m trying to keep the lightning from exploding from my limbs. Rubbing up the ball? Trying to convince myself not to run to home plate and rip the batter’s head off in one fell swoop. Mad Hungarian is right. Don’t test me. Don’t do it.