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Baseballizing the World Cup

Hey there, citizens of those Majestic Gleaming States of Hot Sexy America, you must be sick to death of the World Cup by now, right? All that socialist teamwork and not using your hands to move the ball into the thing at the end.

Why do all the games end 0-0, right? Have you ever noticed that the score 0-0 looks like John Lennon’s glasses? Bloody peaceniks.

I, your English correspondent, am here to baseballize things for you. So here’s some World Cup photographs from Mexican newspapers that I’ve made Coulter-and-Shaughnessy-friendly.






Clicking them makes them bigger because, goddamn it, this is America, land of the star-spangled free, home of the Atlanta Braves, and Mayor Bloomberg can try to take my bigger jpegs, but he’ll have to take them from my cold, dead hands.