Bat Flips from History: Willie Aikens, 1980 World Series

Aikens Flip

There are a number of mysteries in this life. Like what scabies are, for one. And if they’re just a combination of scabs and rabies, for another one.

Something that was never a mystery — to Kansas City first baseman Willie Aikens, at least — was whether his fly ball against Philadelphia’s Dickie Noles in Game Five of the 1980 World Series would be a home run.

“This prophecy Merlin shall make, for I live before his time,” Aikens seems to say while laying down his bat — if not necessarily in those same words or meter or even language.

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Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets
Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets

Has the 1996 HR Derby bat flip by Bonds been requested yet? If not, then I am requesting it. If so, then I am requesting a link to the previous request for occular proof.