Belated Bat-Flip Coverage: Luis Valbuena Singles


For years, Luis Valbuena’s minor-league resume seemed to suggest that he could develop into an entirely serviceable major-league infielder. For almost as many years, that didn’t happen.

As a Cub, however, Valbuena has now produced three wins in only slightly more than 500 plate appearances. What else he’s produced is the substance for the footage embedded above — namely, the rare bat flip off an RBI single, in this case against Houston right-hander Bud Norris in the third inning of the Astros’ and Cubs’ Saturday game (box).

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Not only is this bat flip coverage belated, but it appeared as though Valbuena’s decision to execute the bat flip was belated as well.


it’s never belated coverage. it’s merely ongoing with no end in sight. strap in.