Bobby Valentine’s Favorite Meal

I almost feel bad for Bobby Valentine. Today’s piece in the Boston Herald (the latest in a string of articles itemizing everything terrible or could-be-interpreted-as-terrible-if-you-squint that Valentine has said or done) discusses a breakfast meeting Valentine had with owner John Henry yesterday, where, contrary to the hope of perhaps everyone, he did not get fired.

Asked if the meeting brought him any sense of nirvana, Valentine said, “I always feel good after breakfast. It’s one of my favorite meals.”

Yeah, this is probably going to end soon.

Asked what he and Henry talked about, Valentine said, “What do you think we talked about? Art? Liverpool? We talked about baseball, our team, what he’s concerned with, what I deal with.”

(Other favorite meals of Bobby Valentine: Lunch, Dinner, Snack After Loss, Brunchholz, and Fettucine Alfredo Aceves)

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Fried Crawfordfish? Ellsbury pie?