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Brent Lillibridge Is in Danger and Nobody Cares

“Maybe the world is blind / Or just a little unkind”: these lines — posited originally by Gary Portnoy, composer of the theme song for TV’s Punky Brewster — seem perhaps like the aimless lamentations of the peculiarly sensitive. Upon further inspection, however, Portnoy’s (ahem) complaint appears to be as relevant today as when Punky Brewster’s mother abandoned her at a Chicago, Illinois, shopping center in 1984.

Indeed, if Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal is to be believed, recently acquired utility man Brent Lillibridge is trapped in Kevin Youkilis‘s old locker and nobody cares.

Nor does the author of this post bring this to the readership’s attention merely to bemoan humanity’s sorry state of affairs. In fact, as episode 2.16 of Punky Brewster itself reveals — in which Punky’s friend Cherie accidentally traps herself in an abandoned refrigerator — the consequences for Lillibridge could be death… or worse!


Here, for the benefit of the reader — or anyone, really, susceptible to dangerous levels of enthusiasm wherein hiding places are concerned — is Part 1 of the episode in question.