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Brian Anderson Calls It What It Is: A Pad

Last night, Aramis Ramirez hit a homerun vs. the Blue Jays that was initially called foul ball by third base umpire Paul Nauert. Brewers manager Ron Roenicke contested, the umpire crew agreed review the play, and the new ruling was that it was a homerun. It was a solo shot that gave the Brewers a 7-6 lead in the bottom of the seventh. They would hold on to win by the same score. (Sorry, Navin.)

Given that the Brewers had just blown a five-run lead, capped by a three-run monster mash by Joey Bats, and that this was the first reviewed call at Miller Park this season, it’s understandable the Brewers play-by-play man Brian Anderson was a bit excited. His partner, former Brewers catcher and longtime color man Bill Schroeder, initially said the original ruling probably wouldn’t be overturned with the video provided. Then, Anderson provided this “thing to note”:


And boom: homerun.