Can One Sell a Red Sox Jersey Signed by Kenneth Branagh?

I am not a dishonest person, in general. I am a curious person. When I want to know how much interest a Kenneth Branagh signed Red Sox jersey would garner on Craigslist, I’m not dissuaded by simple facts like: I don’t have one, and: It doesn’t exist. I am far more curious than dishonest, especially if I might find a person who is both an avid Red Sox fan and admirer of Kenneth Branagh.  So I did a bad thing. I lied and said I possess something I don’t. I did it just to know.

(please embiggen):


And now I know the answer to the title question. It is: No, because it is priceless, judging by the zero responses offering payment that I’ve received as of this posting. Also: No, because it does not exist.

No one can put a price on this theoretical collector’s item! Nor can anyone properly appraise a theoretical Yankees jersey signed by Kenneth Branagh. Possibly because the “region-specific sports apparel/iconic thespian” combination is not a real thing, or possibly because such an item is too precious for the petty offerings of mortals.

Notgraphs readers: I encourage you to test the market of your region with a similar Craigslist post (containing a similar number of uses of the adverb “highly”) and report back any findings on what the going dollar value of a Kenneth Branagh signed baseball jersey might be. In the words of KB himself:


“No low ballers.”

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