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The Meme-ing of Some Terrible News – Miguel Sano Edition

The state of Minnesota is a terrible place to live right now. It snows one foot per day here. The days it doesn’t snow, it’s 87 degrees below zero. The cars that can be started are getting stuck on the roads, wedged between parked cars, or left idling in the middle of the street as the drivers decide that mid-trip seppuku is their most appealing destination.

But Spring was coming. Baseball was coming. Miguel Sano was coming. Maybe not right away, but the Twins’ big-bat prospect was almost a shoo-in to get some time in the bigs this season, and with him would come a promise — of tomorrow, of success, and of winters with a little more sun, if perhaps only metaphorically.

And now, Sano is out. The winter of the late summer will remain. We are bumbling through a second date after a promising first. We are gold miners enticed by some swindler’s surface sparkle. We are Minnesotans. We are reminded.


The Meme-ing of … Yuniesky Betancourt

Mercifully presented without comment, the Meme-ing of Yuniesky Betancourt …


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