Chinese Postgame Quotes, 2013 Inaugural Edition


With the new season underway, it’s high time to consult our Google Translate and make some sense of the cryptic statements made by players and coaches. Below you’ll find all of Monday’s games neatly summarized. Enjoy!

Red Socks 3, Orioles 1

“We’ve got a terrible the group of guys. It is easier to see the ball, in high spirits, good mental state, your team wins.” – Clay Buchholz

“I do not want to hit a home run. It just worked out like this, but to contribute, let us take the lead after a fierce game, Buck pitched well in something, I think anyone who stepped on the box ( been looking for that).” – Daniel Nava

“Tomorrow we may spend all day crying, holding each other’s hands as a team all day, walking through the Prudential Center (Prudential Center) (Boston) cried.” – Adam Jones

NOTES: Boston’s new closer to perfect three storage try this season…Red Sox and not in their seven games, their longest of the season opener correctly made a mistake-game winning streak…Former astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin walk on the moon, attended the game.

Milwaukee Bucks 7, Cubs 4

“I just kept telling myself just to leave the stadium, especially variable speed.” – Marco Estrada

“I’m just doing a better job of execution and implementation of the stadium, my own jam.” – Edwin Jackson

“Yeah, I have a bad feeling, we get to go there. We do not come with those guys, wind shift, it is clear there are two ways to be a factor in the game, it did.” – Dale Sveum

NOTES: The day began with a tarp launched through regional shower farmland, but in gray clouds soon gave way to a 99-year-old stadium opener unseasonably warm sunshine…The first, second and two runner-up, Jonathan Lucroy and Gonzalez had consecutive from all walks of life forced to run…Estrada, the Bureau voted seven the doubled run.

Americans 11, Indians 6

“Very strange visit clubs and visit the air-raid shelter. This is a bit weird, but the overall feeling Taisho back here.” – Travis Hafner

“I have yet to see what changes the attitude of Robbie, no matter what his experience. He came to the ballpark ready to work, and I am not worried in his face smiling fun.” – Joe Girardi

“They are a little beat up. Completely honest, I hope they stay defeated until Friday.” – Terry Francona

NOTES: Travis – the Haffner tipped his hat and soaking in the Indian fans to pull he spent 10 years applause. After the end of his first in the love of the bat…When he rounded the bases, Hafner, fans booed referred to as “Waterhouse” – it did not take the Indians, he vowed as a new enemy…Threw a jump to seize his father, Francona hugged his 79-year-old namesake spectacular day, touching moment…Indians of Ç, Carlos Santana was replaced him in the ninth bruised his left thumb trying to capture the spacing closer Chris Perez.

Red Army 13, Bishops 4

“I almost died, my teammates gave me another life. I really thank my teammates, come to me, that everyone makes mistakes.” – Shin-Soo Choo

“You get a little bit jittery, it happens. This is a new position, a new league, a new park, the ball went 400 feet, it’s not like they just fly ball.” – Dusty Baker

“In fact, this is not the important thing, and we lost the game. You know what, they already have a good thing.” – Jaime Garcia

NOTES: Reds players standing on top of the dugout steps to embrace the Cardinals Ozzie Smith Hall of Famer Hall bishops around the warning track of a flat bed cars paraded through the streets, and Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker….Brandon Phillips blooped the go-ahead double in the ninth he hit earlier in his 150 career home runs, the Reds, who won sixty-seven kinds, because lost in the deciding game of the opening day of the angels, a total of 11 or more to play the last four games…Reds starter Mat Latos pitcher in the sixth inning, shaved his time to 10.23 top five career began in the Busch 10.23.

Royals 3, Twins 1

“After the first inning, he really settled his slider is amazing, he is able to throw it in the back of the foot big sluggers, so they lose balance.” – Ned Yost

“Aaron is an all-star, I do not like to say it, but he is one of the four we have been left there, I have confidence in any of these four a closed game with the Netherlands and Herrera (TIM) Collins.” – Ned Yost

“Better never. I know we’re going to score runs.” – Ervin Santana

NOTES: Royals fans waiting for almost the entire afternoon to see some of the crimes…Mohr 1,278 hit by Gali Gaetti for sixth place on the list of occupations in Minnesota…Of Joe Mau Errui An Doumit’s two single in the first scored the only Minnesota run.

Metropolitans 7, Phillies 2

“Ninety-five per cent of the spirit. This is a simplified and return to basics, rather than trying to force things.” – Roy Halladay

“When you come to Philadelphia, you usually launch a higher than usual. I want to tone it down, when you are faced with the file, this is something special.” – Matt Harvey

NOTES: Although the Sahara on behalf of the downward trend, Harvey is clearly on the rise. The first round pick in 2010, he was just blown away by the batsman…Philadelphia Delmon Young, who is rehabilitation after ankle surgery, and the Department of Health (DH) 5 0 vote extended spring training game. He ran the bases in his final flying in the bat out…Phillies over the past two seasons, every leader to attend professional.

Rangers 5, Rays 4

“I saw the stadium, of course, there is no opportunity to do it again. However, I have the opportunity to do it again, I would not call the pitch a strike.” – Marty Foster

“I paint I like No. 300 (save)? But we will. I know I was thrown in there. Fact, I also thought it was ball four, I think he may provide it when he did not, and my state of mind has become more focused on what we have to do with (Evan) Long Guelha now, I think I may have been the last person on the court realized that the game is over.” – Joe Nathan

“He was depressed, I understand. His behavior may be the best he can in this case.” – Marty Foster

NOTES: Nathan mouth “wow!” When strikes are wrapped up his 300th career save, Foster after the game with the Rangers’ 5-4 victory admit, despite standing on the evening…Zobrist put both hands on his helmet, and it incredible Maddon quickly came out and that the referee a few minutes, or even standing at the gate in front of them, they exit the field…After scored twice in the eighth light to close the two drugs, Nathan started the ninth…Langley Asia, the season with 10 hits, all singles. furthest he’s gone a season without hitting a home run.

Braves 2, Marlins 0

“Overall, other than the result, which is a very, very active at night.” – David Samson

“You must have noticed. You can not ignore it, you try not to be too high to what happened.” – Justin Upton

“If he wants to swing at one of my stadium, great, but I do not intend to give him a cookie to fight, let him do the damage I’m just trying to get his fish, rather than a good contact.” – Paul Maholm

NOTES: Gusitinge Templeton hit enough for the entire team…The two audience throws manufacturing riot police, Marlins president David Samson said, but he praised the support of the crowd…The Maholm play leader, to give up all walks of life, including Stanton, last year’s NL Slam.

Sailors 3, Astronauts 0

“As long as he hit the ball, I just went to get it, the only chance, I was diving.” – Franklin Gutierrez

“I think I’ll probably continue to keep it to maybe a running game he won the second of two Sanders. I hope I do a better job of holding runners next time.” – Philip Humber

“I thought my command, and I can feel a little bit better ball. It’s just a question, tell yourself, ‘Hey, we’ve got a lot of fans in the stands, to go out tonight, a decent program, and put them to a win.” – Joe Saunders

NOTES: Seattle added a run in the fifth, when the wedge guessed, Gutierrez dropped a perfect bunt to score Darth Tinga Klein…Former Seattle pitcher Jamie Moyer threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Before the game, the 50-year-old man said he has not officially retired…It is still a problem, the new size is almost no threat to any team.

Pirates 5, Rattlesnakes 3

“Fun board they watch, and watch them on the basis of the fun.” – Clint Hurdle

“Prado Mountain Goldschmidt any left-handed, which is a touchstone.” – Clint Hurdle

“The next ball, I put a breaking ball, I think. I told my coach and manager, I’m going out, because I want to protect my next start.” – Wandy Rodriguez

NOTES: Unexpired responsibility rattlesnake ready to run, and tied it in the third…Gerardo Parada became an error at third base, Alvarez impede his ability to field the ball in front of shortstop Clint Barmes run. At this time, the pirates trainer rushed to the mound, trying to stretch and throwing practice pitch, Rodriguez left the game and Gomez came…Alfredo Marte has two exits, the tying run with a single car…With the move through the region before the crisis, in Chase Field’s roof is closed.

Giants 4, Rocky Mountains 2

“He has some of the most power I’ve ever seen. I got BP every day to beat him, I try to let me play in front of him, I did not follow up on his moonshots.” – Buster Posey

“He threw a lot of good golf course. I think this is an error, he hit me.” – Carlos Gonzalez

“We have Bumgarner on the ropes a few times, he walked a couple of people, but he cast some of his jam.” – Walt Weiss

NOTES: These are a Carlos Gonzalez’s third homer right. The way the ball bounces and splashing into McCovey Cove…Buster Posey a point ahead of the hunter pence to take batting practice, so he did not try to keep up with all the home runs pence Click…Dexter Fowler six games screenings at the start of the season snapped his vote 0 with 2 strikeouts.

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Well-Beered Englishman
Well-Beered Englishman

“He threw a lot of good golf course.”

I am such a sucker for this series. Go Astronauts!