Comedy and Pitching

Louis demonstrates his lefty-handed circle-change.

Comedy giant Louis C.K. did an AMA thread on reddit, which would be familiar to non-reddit readers as an All Questions Answered thread, more or less.

It might have been as awesome as reddit is a horror to read. It’s like going back in time ten years on the internet, which is like going back in time a hundred years in real life. Something about the format promotes boredom. Or at least, that’s my excuse for almost missing this gem, buried in the thread:

That’s right, comedy is like throwing smoke from ten different angles. It’s a natural fit, but it also inspires some thoughts:

* Is Pat Venditte, like, really funny then?

* If Orlando Hernandez is the recent past, and Venditte is the near future, then what will the pitcher of the future be able to do? Pitch from both sides of the mound with optional submarine angles on both? Underhand eephus?

* Who’s the Justin Verlander of comedy then? Someone has to come with the same type of comedy, from the same place, and yet blow people away anyway. Maybe Ricky Gervais, even. It’s usually about making you uncomfortable, and being just that awkward of an individual, but it’s also usually effective… in making you laugh.

* To torture the comparison beyond use, what kind of comedy do pitchers like Al Hrabosky (facial hair/nickname), Turk Wendell (superstitions) and John Pacella (hat) represent? Maybe just straight up craziness. Or maybe some sort of unintentional comedy. Like the “Maybe it’s just society” of baseball. Wait, that was from baseball. You know what I mean. Like Jeanne Bice, rest her soul. Too soon?

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juan pierres mustache
juan pierres mustache

well, i dunno bout verlander, but i know carlos mencia is john lackey