Creating an Independent Baseball League, NotGraphs Style

Did you know you can search every place name in the U.S.? Here, now you can waste even more time than I did. Presenting: the most pointless list ever. If there are readers who live in any of these places, you are obligated to post in the comments.

I hereby propose a new Independent Baseball League, with teams in the following sabermetrically-friendly locations:

Eastern Division
The Fipsters, of FIPps Crossing, in Columbus, NC
The Winners, of WAR, in McDowell, WV
The Babips, of BIPpus, in Huntington, IN
The Walkers, of WHIPray Basin, in Monroe, FL

Western Division
The Wappers, of WPA Dam, in Muskogee, OK
The Zippers, of ZIPS Cabin, in White Pine, NV
The Ultimate Ratings, of ZONE Creek, in Dillingham, AK
The Powers, of ISOlated Peak, in Boulder, CO

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Well-Beered Englishman
Well-Beered Englishman

The league is clean, I searched “roids” and there were no results.