Damnably Populist Yasiel Puig GIF: Puig’s Grand Slam

Puig Flip Slam

There’s little from history to recommend naked appeals to the sordid, teeming masses. Former Louisiana governor Huey Long, for example, was decidedly populist in nature and ended up all assassinated in his own state capitol building. More recently, Italian media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi — no stranger to the absolutely lowest common denominator — has been forced to serve as that ridiculous country’s prime minister on no fewer than three occasions. “Very unappealing,” one says with regard to that.

And yet, even with those cautionary tales having been well established, what the author has done here is to capture video of Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig‘s hitting his third home run in four games — a grand slam in the eighth inning, no less, to secure victory for the home team — and render it into GIF form.

“Cynical!” says one sort of reader. “Exciting and easy to consume!” says another. And what does the author say? “Nothing,” is the answer — because it’s after midnight locally, and he’s all alone in the house, typing these vain, needless words.

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