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Day Drinkin’

I think it was Hamlet who said that there’s nothing better than “grabbing a few brews with the bros.”*  That sentiment, surely, was true in 1603, and it is even truer today, as THIS JUST IN the Boston Globe reports that Josh Beckett and Jo(h)n’s Lester and Lackey drank beer (!), ate fried chicken (!!), and played video games (!!!) in the clubhouse, instead of supporting their teammates in the dugout, during the Bosox’s epic collapse.  How dare they?  What is this, an intramural softball game?**

*Maybe it was Polonius

** It’s a shame Josh Beckett didn’t go to college – I think he would have loved intramural softball.

Some people have taken them to task for their behavior, but, really, it could have been worse:

Ron Artest notoriously admitted to keeping a bottle of Hennessy in his locker, which he would swill during halftime of games he was playing in.  Also, yes, that’s him in his jersey after winning game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals – he forgoed changing clothes and went straight to partying.  Much later that night he finally took off his jersey – and gave it to Chris Brown.