Dodgers Save Money by Trading Crawford to Dodgers


LOS ANGELES — In a move to address their crowded-outfield situation and alleviate some payroll concerns, the Los Angeles Dodgers have traded Carl Crawford for a player to be named later. As expected, due to Crawford’s sizable contract, he was traded to the the Los Angeles Dodgers, ostensibly the only team that could take on his salary.

“We’re very excited to have Carl as a member of the Dodgers,” Los Angeles GM Ned Colletti said in a press conference. “He’s a tremendous talent, and I think he’s exactly what we need to push us deeper into the playoffs this season.”

“We are big fans of Carl, and we certainly wish him the best of luck,” Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said during a conference call with reporters. “It was an unfortunate situation for us to lose him, but we feel this move will help our team position ourselves to have a highly-competitive squad for years to come.”

Los Angeles and the Dodgers seemed like perfect trade partners, due to Los Angeles’ ballooning payroll and the Dodgers’ seemingly bottomless pockets. And as rumors swirled around Crawford’s possible trade, the Dodgers seemed to be the only team that could afford him.

“I think both teams certainly benefit from the trade,” said one of the Collettis, probably the first one. “Every team engages in trades to get better. Los Angeles did, and I think Dodgers fans will agree that their team did too.”

There has been no official word on who the player to be named later will be, but many insiders have speculated that it could be Andre Ethier.

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Jon L.

Is it possible the Dodgers only acquired Crawford so they could use him to swing another trade? Their outfield is hardly settled, what with Matt Kemp still not ready to play. Maybe they could make a move for another guy with that kind of power/speed potential, like maybe a Carl Crawford.